Contact me directly at:

T. Emmett McLaulin

425-214-3602 c.

Life is a magic place. Things are always moving. Photography and video allow us to capture little pieces of the big picture. I am so privileged to connect with amazing people and learn about their stories through the lens.

There is no magic recipe for great imagery. But here is what I put in my photo bucket:


     subject matter - common place stuff or extra ordinary 

     lighting - understanding it, manipulating it, chasing it :)

     work - finding perspectives, changing lenses, changing it up,   moving a lot

     luck - the shot you did not plan for often turns out to be the magic one

     equipment - having the right stuff at the right time & knowing how to use it. 

You might find me shooting a cool new commercial space, a newly engaged couple, or a world class athlete.  In all cases I love finding the shots and thinking about how best to capture it.  I love the opportunity to bring new perspective to your projects.  Please reach out to me at any time.  

- Emmett :) 

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